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Jonathan Lemus
Jonathan Lemus
Just wanted to Thank Julio for his help getting us our car we wanted. He was very helpful and patient with us on the entire process. The process with OCAuto 1 is great thanks to Julio! Keep up the work man, see you for my next purchase again 💪
Maricela Gomez
Maricela Gomez
I am very happy with my experience with OC Auto 1. Julio is amazing he found the truck I was looking for he is very knowledgeable, after many trips going from dealer to dealer on my own and getting stress out because I was not able to find the truck, I wanted I found OC Auto1. Julio got me a very good deal and got me the payment I wanted. I highly recommend OC Auto 1! A+++
Elizabeth Guillen
Elizabeth Guillen
Thank You Julio for making my husband and I’s car shopping the best experience possible! If you’re looking for someone to help you find a car he is the one to call he helped my husband and I purchase a new 2022 BMW X5 0 miles M equipped and we got the best deal out there and he even got us a better deal he talks for you at what you want and doesn’t let dealerships take advantage or add unnecessary fees! He searches for the vehicle you want to find you the best deal possible if it wasn’t for him we probably wouldn’t of purchased our dream vehicle ! Highly recommend don’t go to a dealership by yourself call or text him first he knows the business well !
Ionel Lungu
Ionel Lungu
This is client oriented business, they are very helpful on trying to understand the customer s needs..I had a wonderful experience with this company, I highly recommend A+ service. Keep up the excellent work..
Alma Cruz
Alma Cruz
Great customer services highly recommend!! Julio was very helpful :)
Gerardo Teran
Gerardo Teran
Great customer service Heller me find The trucó w as looking fir Will highly recommen this business for future car buying
Jose RAm
Jose RAm
If You looking To Purchase or lease a Car Look for Ocauto1 , Small family own , Very Professional Customer Service .. Really Recommended and they Help you to find the Best Deals in the auto Market .
Sarah Collin
Sarah Collin
I want to thank OC Auto1 for making my car buying so easy and stress free saving me so much time and money. Julio was so helpful and knowledgeable he did all the work for me . I told him what kind of car I was looking for and found it in less than a week all I had to do is go in and sign the paper work. I will definitely use OC AUTO 1 AGAIN. completely satisfy !!!! THANKS AGAIN !!!!
Jessica Delmar
Jessica Delmar
Had the best experience buying my first car at this location! Sotero Munez was super helpful and thorough in the description of the car and made the whole car buying experience stress free! Super great at communicating and responding back to my inquiry quickly. Let me have time to think about purchase and didn't pressure me. You get exactly what they show online! Would definitely recommend anyone to come to this location! Go to Sotero for a great experience and someone who is truly helpful!

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